What is a Negropean?

Negropeans are black people that deeply worship, idolize and envy white society. In many cases, negropeans are so psychologically indoctrinated by white supremacy that they actually hate their own skin.

The hatred that negropeans hold for black skin often manifests into real world violence and malicious actions against other black people. Negropeans will do anything to appease whites, fit into white culture, in an attempt to escape their black identity.

Just as there are men and women that feel they were born into the wrong gender, negropeans feel as though they have been born into the wrong race. Negropeans are the mental slaves of white supremacy, the brainwashed black foot soldiers that only have one mission to complete. Their mission is the total obliteration of the black family, black culture, and black life globally.


Negropean’s Mission

We live in a society built on and systematically sustained by white supremacy. It is the goal of to expose this system of hatred, violence and injustice against people of color. The racism, genocide, economic and educational castration of black people globally by the hands of white racists has gone on long enough.

Through our writings in the form of blogs, news updates, books and articles, seeks to keep people of color informed and aware for all to make better decisions and to better understand the system of white supremacy. We are not a hate organization.

We do not hate white people or any group. But large portions of the white “race,” are hostile towards people of color and have proven to be dangerous. Understand that all white people are not racist, but racism is a taught behavior, a mental illnesses that is passed down through each generation of their culture.

If people of color are to survive on planet Earth, we must unite. We must fight to dismantle this system, which is destructive to the environment, humanity and the entire planet. The system of white supremacy must be replaced with a system of peace and justice.

 Why Name Our Organization Negropean?

We decided to use the name negropean purely out of satire.

What does your slogan mean, “you can’t escape your blackness.”

Our slogan, “you can’t escape your blackness” means that no matter what black people do, how they act, what they wear, how they speak, how many degrees they have, how much money they make, who they date,  the system of white supremacy will always see them as a sub-human, violent, dangerous, ignorant, nigger. There is no way to escape your black skin, you will never be fully accepted by white society.


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