25 Ignorant Reasons African Americans Have Said They Would Never Go Back to Africa

25 Ignorant Reasons African Americans Have Said They Would Never Go Back To Africa

Stop Allowing White Supremacy To Shape Your View Of The World. Go Out And See The Planet Though Your Own Eyes. 

Believe it or not, many black Americans fear Africa. There are many deep-seated misconceptions about the mother continent; most have been engineered by white supremacy and the American mainstream media.

I remember when I was growing up, the only time I saw images of Africa were during Red Cross donation commercials. They usually showed starving African children living in extreme poverty, covered in flies and dirt. They would play the most cliché, sad music, like Sarah McLachlan’s In the arms of an angel. And some rich white narrator would talk about how 10 cents a day could make their lives so much better.

 Back To Africa Movement

As a kid, I thought that Africa was one giant jungle and everyone there lived in extreme poverty. I used to think that wild animals roamed where they pleased in Africa and mauled people at random. In a nutshell, I thought that Africa was anarchy, mud huts and poverty. This is what mainstream American television taught me about Africa. And public schools only focused on European history and told me that all blacks have ever been was slaves. No mention of the Dogon Tribe, Kingdom of Kerma, Kush,  Axum, Benin, Songhai, Ancient Carthage, etc.

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It wasn’t until I started doing my own research in high school/college that I realized I was completely brainwashed by white supremacy.

  • Africa is 50+ countries (some countries are more stable than others)
  • Africa has schools, hospitals, cities like any other place (look at Nairobi Kenya, Lagos, Nigeria, Kinshasa, DR Congo) 
  • Africa has many poor countries, but it also has rich ones as well (Nigeria: GDP – $594.257 billion, South Africa: GDP – $341.216 billion, Egypt: GDP – $284.860 billion)
  • Many countries in Africa are poor by design. Europeans split up the continent in 1884 (Berlin Conference) and have been stealing natural resources ever since.
  • African Countries are kept poor by the IMF & World Bank through structural adjustment programs.
  • Africa is the largest continent on earth. 73 million mi²
  • The Sahara Desert covers approximately one third of Africa. Only a small percentage of Africa, along the Guinea Coast and in the Zaire River Basin, are rain forests.
  • Several South American Countries have a higher murder rate than most African countries. (Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador)
  • According to The Top Tens list, Australia has the deadliest animals on earth.
  • Many states in the USA (Georgia, Florida, California, Texas) have HIV/Aids rates worst than some third world African countries.   

Many black Americans have no real knowledge about Africa and are content in their ignorance. Ironically, I know many blacks that romanticize European cities like London, Paris, places where they are not wanted and will experience white racism.

Back To Africa Movement

So here are the 25 most ignorant reasons that I have heard from black Americans on why they would never visit Africa.

  1. Lions & tigers run wild everywhere
  2. Armies of young children run the streets and kill everyone they come across
  3. Everyone has HIV in Africa
  4. Has the worst crime rates in the world
  5. Bugs/mosquitoes are as big as frying pans
  6. There is no where to stay, everyone lives in a straw/mud hut
  7. Too much terrorism
  8. The continent is in complete anarchy
  9. There are no laws
  10. No one speaks English there
  11. They don’t have fast food places
  12. The government is too corrupt (they think that Africa has one government)
  13. Everyone has Ebola
  14. I might get kidnapped and beheaded
  15. They don’t have safe roads, everything is made out of dirt and rocks
  16. Africa is primitive and violent
  17. Africans don’t like African-Americans
  18. Its too hot over there
  19. They don’t have clean water
  20. You have to be a millionaire to be able to afford to travel to Africa
  21. I don’t speak in their clicking language
  22. They don’t have transportation over there, everything is a 50 mile walk
  23. Too many tribes committing genocide against each other.
  24. There is nothing to do over there
  25. I don’t eat Zebras (yes, I have heard someone say this)


Every black American should visit Africa at least once in their lifetime. Africa is where all life on this planet started, it is literally the mother continent of humanity. Get to know your roots, find out where your ancestors came from before slavery. Visit your ancestral country, if not to better understand your heritage, simply to explore the world. Go Back To Africa!


Marcus Garvey On Going Back to Africa

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 Back To Africa Movement
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