Facebook Has Permanently Banned Negropean Staff & Our IP Addresses

problack banned facebook

Our Mission Is To Expose Racism & Social Injustices, Facebook Had A Problem With That & Banned Us…

problack banned facebook

I have gone through almost a dozen accounts with Facebook over the years. Being the type of person that I am, vocal about racism, white supremacy and other black issues; I seem to always “violate the terms and conditions,” of Facebook.

But white folks can call me a nigger and other racial slurs on Facebook all day, with no consequences. In fact, I have received death threats from white folks on Facebook but somehow, me simply exposing racism by writing blogs and sharing my opinions is worse.

The majority of people that work for Facebook are white men, so this comes as no surprise.

My latest debacle with Facebook involved them deleting my Negropean like page, as well as permanently deactivating all of my accounts. This time, they took it a step further and banned all of the other users that I put in admin roles on my like pages. And they also banned my IP address; I know this because when I tried to create another account, it was automatically permanently banned within minutes.

Facebook has a serious problem with black people that speak on racism and social injustices. If you label yourself as “pro-black” or “conscious” on Facebook, just know that at some point they will target you. And they will target you in some very sneaky ways.

First they usually send you a message saying that, “We’ve recently noticed suspicious activity from your account, and we want to make sure that your account is secure facebook.” Then they will ask you to upload a picture of your face, sometimes your government issued ID.

If you are foolish enough to do this, they will take a couple days before they check what you uploaded. When you finally try to log back in, it will say that your account has been disabled. If you try to appeal this, they will ask for your government ID again and an email address (possibly a brief description of your issues as well). Then they just never get back to you.

problack banned facebook
Disabled Account Login Screen

In this case, I shared a couple articles on my like page about a black woman that was potentially hanged by a white supremacist group, and they automatically banned my account, like pages, other people connected to me (page admins, contributors) everything.

The Negropean like page was very popular, we got 4k likes in less than two months. We were getting about 150 likes a day from the content we shared. Lots of hard work went into building up many of the like pages, groups, friendships I had on facebook, and some of the people connected to the Negropean like page lost years of photos.

problack banned facebook
Permanently Disabled

Everything in life is a learning lesson and what I have learned from this situation is that Facebook is not a place for real black people who are NOT mindless consumer sheep. I will no longer use Facebook or any of their services. It is very important that we as black people create our own platforms to share news and voice our ideas. I created Negropean.com for that very reason.

What hurts is that Facebook has so many black people who love the content that we produce. Much of our traffic came from Facebook and our content was heavily shared in pro-black and conscious groups across their site. Luckily, we have other social media platforms like Google+ and Twitter to reach people. And we still receive lots of traffic from organic google searches. Negropean will keep going, our success is not contingent upon Facebook.


My Advice:

  • Don’t rely on Facebook to hold your memories (photos & videos) save them on a flash drive, create a backup
  • If you like to speak on real issues like racism, police brutality, white supremacy, etc; make your own website and don’t depend on Facebook or any social media to share your voice.

problack banned facebook

problack banned facebook

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problack banned facebook

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