Drake Faced, “The Most Offensive” Racism At The Madison Club

Drake Had”The Most Offensive” Experience At The Madison Club While Staying There For Coachella…

Grammy award winning artist Drake has complained about being racially profiled at the The Madison Club. Drake stayed at the exclusive country club for the Coachella music festival. According to Tmz, “Drizzy — who made a guest appearance with Future at the music festival — made it known Sunday that the folks at The Madison Club were awful hosts. The rapper straight-up called it “the most offensive place I have ever stayed at in my life.” Drake said that the staff picks and chooses who they’re going to accommodate based on race.” Did Drake think that his money and fame made him exempt from racism? Apparently so!


Drake Faces Racism At The Madison Club
Drake Faced, The Most Offensive Racism At The Madison Club

The Madison Club Has Reached Out To Drake With a Statement:

“We are trying to get this issue fixed as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and for you to experience such a thing is embarrassing for us.”The club continued, “We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we will be issuing out a formal apology to you and the public. We will also be investigating this as we do not tolerate racial discrimination.”

It doesn’t matter if a black person is the President of the United States, like Obama was, a billionaire like Oprah, or an average person working at Walmart; there is no escape from racism. Drakes racist experience at the Madison Club is nothing compared to what the average black person goes though who isn’t a famous multi-millionaire.


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