RG3’s Ex-Wife Wants 36K A Month In Child Support!

RG3 Is a Coon

Black Men Love To Make It Seem Like White Women Are Drama Free. Robert Griffin III’s Situation Proves Otherwise

RGIII Is a Coon

Last year, NFL player Robert Griffin III, better known as RG3, filed for divorce from his wife Rebecca Liddicoat. According to Bossip, Griffin claimed that the “marriage had become “insupportable” and irretrievably broken because the exes just couldn’t stand each other. He said there was no hope for reconciliation.”

Both Griffin and Liddicoat agreed to have their divorce procedures closed, attempting to keep their private life out of the public spotlight. In October 2016, the exes filed a motion to seal the divorce case.

Soon after that, RG3 Started stepping out with his new side peace, college athlete Grete Šadeik. Many people thought that RG3’s new chick was nothing more than a quick fling, rebound chick. But things got real when it was discovered that Griffin got Šadeik’s name tattooed on his arm (which looks like a birth mark).

RGIII Is a Coon
Rebecca Lliddicoat & Robert Griffin III

Fast forward to 2017 and things have gotten messy. RG3’s divorce from Rebecca Liddicoat hasn’t even been finalized but he has already proposed to and impregnated Grete Šadeik.

Meanwhile, Liddicoat, the unemployed mother of RG3’s first child is supposedly going through a financial crisis. “Rebecca said that Robert has cut off access to her American Express Platinum credit card and withheld money from her, which meant that she couldn’t pay her utility bills for things like “water, electricity, gas, cable television, landscaping, internet and pool service,” according to court records obtained by BOSSIP show.”

Liddicoat has requested through court, that Griffin should pay temporary child support and alimony. She also wants all of her legal fees paid and access to her platinum credit card once again. But RG3 has rejected the request to hand over his financial info to her, saying that he wants the case heard through arbitration and not the courts

“Robert claimed that the exes signed a prenup that specified that they’d go through arbitration on any “claim or controversy arising out of the agreement.” The exes are currently battling things out in court.

RGIII Is a Coon
Grete Šadeik & Robert Griffin III

Rebecca Liddicoat recently filed court documents showing that she spends over 30k a month on raising their child, maintaining her homes and her personal life. She is seeking for RG3 to dish out what some folks make in a year, every month.

So Wait, Black Women Aren’t the Only Ones That Ask For Child Support Money?

Black men love to make it seem like being with a white woman is an upgrade from with a black one. There is this persistent and unfounded belief among many black men that white women are drama free, problemless, sexually submissive creatures.

RG3’s situation should be a clear indicator that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. RG3 is dealing with baby mama drama, child support issues, and divorce; things that are clearly not exclusive to relationships with black women, like negropeans will say.

RGIII Is a Coon

RGIII Is a Coon

RGIII Is a Coon


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