Bakari Henderson Kicked To Death For Flirting With White Woman

Bakari Henderson

July 7th, 2017 – 22-year-old Bakari Henderson (Austin, Texas), a recent graduate of Arizona University was beaten to death in Zakynthos Greece. Nine men have been arrested and charged with international homicide.

According to the New York Times, “The attack lasted about 30 seconds, the official said, adding that Mr. Henderson died of head injuries caused by multiple kicks and punches.”

Three of the suspects are expected to appear before a prosecutor on Thursday, and the final suspect has a court date on Friday. The suspects are a 32-year-old British citizen of Serbian origin, who worked as a bouncer at the bar where the brawl broke out, a 34-year-old Greek bartender and seven Serbian men.

Mr. Henderson was traveling in Greece and was working on a photo shoot for the opening of a clothing line (fashion magazine), according to his family.

What Events Sparked Bakari Henderson’s Murder? (Hint: White Woman)

Video evidence shows that Bakari Henderson tried taking a selfie with a blonde woman in Greek nightclub called Bar Code (Area of Laganas), before being attacked, chased out of the club and beaten to death in the street.

Quoting the Daily Mail, “the 20-year-old woman Henderson posed with, who does public relations for the bar, told police she was speaking and dancing with the American and one of his friends before they took the selfie. The video, obtained by Greek newspaper Protothema, shows the moment the blonde dances up next to Henderson and a friend as they lean in for the photo.”

Bakari Henderson
Bakari Henderson

In a jealous, racially motivated rage, a white man squares up to Henderson and slaps him across the head. Henderson fights back, attempting to defend himself but chaos quickly erupts. The young black man is chased out of the bar and is beaten to death by a crowd of people until he is dead.

A funeral for Bakari Henderson took place Saturday in his hometown of Austin, Texas, King-Tears Mortuary, the funeral home handling the body, confirmed. The service began at 11 a.m. Saturday at Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church in Austin, according to King-Tears Mortuary.

Night Club Footage Before Bakari Henderson Was Murdered:



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