Baltimore Police Officer Accidentally Records Himself Planting Drugs

Baltimore Police Officer Accidentally Records Himself Planting Drugs


Baltimore Police Officer Accidentally Records Himself Planting Drugs. And as usual, police are left to investigate their own, which typically means no justice. 

A 90 second police body camera video has the entire nation scrutinizing law enforcement in Baltimore. The video appears to show a Baltimore Police Officer accidentally recording himself plating drugs. According to WJZ 13 (CBS NEWS), “The footage in a Baltimore alley is clear, as it was recorded on police body cameras, but the reason why the Baltimore police officer appears to be planting drugs is not.

“What we think we see, and if you slow down the video especially in the first five seconds, the officer appearing to place a red can underneath some trash, push the fence up, and hide it,” said public defender Debbie Katz Levi.

Caught on camera in January, but not discovered by a public defender in Levi’s office until this month.


Baltimore Police Officer Accidentally Records Himself Planting Drugs



She says the alleged act of planting drugs was caught because Baltimore police body cameras capture the 30 seconds before an officer actually hits the record button, but without audio.

When the sound does kick on, “he then walks down the alley and miraculously goes to the same space where he appeared to have just planted the can with the suspected narcotics,” she said.

Wednesday, police fired back with extended footage tied to the same drug arrest.

It shows police searching the same southwest Baltimore yard minutes before, and finding another bag of suspected heroin. (Below)


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“It’s certainly a possibility that we’re looking into, to see if the officers, in fact, replaced drugs that they had already discovered to document the discovery with their body worn cameras on,” said Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis.”


Facts you need to know:

  • Police are “investigating” if the officer planted the second set of drugs there or if he was recreating the discovery when his body camera was rolling.
  • The officer in question is a witness in more than 50 other cases.
  • One officer has been suspended. Two others are on desk duty while the Office of Professional Responsibility investigates.
  • The man arrested on drug charges tied to the video was set for trial last week, the State’s Attorney’s Office dropped the case.

The Office of the State’s Attorney For Baltimore City released the following statement:

“Three months ago in April, discovery was provided to the defense attorney which included the body worn camera footage in question. Upon initial evaluation of the case, the ASA conveyed an offer for a plea to one count of possession of a controlled dangerous substance due to the (1) pill of heroin found on the defendant’s person.

Two days before the trial date at 11:00pm, the defense attorney made the ASA aware of his concerns regarding the body worn camera footage and the ASA immediately took the proper steps to notify his supervisor and dismiss the case.

Upon notification of this troubling footage, our office immediately implemented established protocols to not only refer this matter to the internal affairs division of the Baltimore Police Department but began identifying active cases involving these officers.”


It is common knowledge within the black community that police officers can and will plant evidence to get black people locked up. There are probably thousands of innocent black men sitting in prison right now that were framed by law enforcement. It is only thanks to technology that we are able to see and expose more police corruption and abuse of power. The cop in the video is clearly planting drugs, but as usual, officers are being allowed to investigate themselves and justice will probably never come.



Baltimore Police Officer Accidentally Records Himself Planting Drugs

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