Black Mother In Interracial Relationship Lets Her Black Child Starve

Black Mother In Interracial Relationship Lets Her Black Child Starve

Shocking: Black Mother In Interracial Relationship Lets Her Black Child Starve. Did she forget about her black son, now that she has a white man in her life?

Thursday, June 29th 2017 – 24-year-old Naomi Hall was arrested after Daytona Beach Police (Florida) found her 5-year-old son living under neglectful conditions.

According to WFTV (ABC 9), “An investigator with the Department of Children and Families went to Naomi Hall’s home to follow up on a child neglect investigation. The investigator found the child lying on the living room floor according to a police report.” The child was extremely dehydrated, frail, and severely underweight for his age; he weighed only 24.9 pounds.

Investigators noted how filthy Naomi Hall’s house was and observed the neglected 5-year-old attempting to eat scraps of cereal from the floor.

Hall told investigations that she did not give her son, who has special needs, his medication. She also admitted that she rarely fed the child. Investigators determined that the child could not walk or talk, and was so underweight that he didn’t even register on the growth chart.

Quoting ABC 9 once more, “Hall told the investigator she would “randomly” check on her son and would know if the boy was hungry when he would try to “chew on his hands,” or by his facial expressions.”

The young boy was taken to Halifax Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment. Doctors noted that the child’s hands and feet were orange, dry and peeling. They also said he had a high sodium level, which is a sign of rapid dehydration.

Hall was arrested on a charge of child neglect, but was released on June 30th under a $35,000 bond. Shockingly, the judge involved in the case agreed to allow Hall supervised visitation with the child at the hospital.

Fast Forward One Week Later:

July 4th, 2017 – Naomi Hall’s husband, Brian Hall, was arrested in connection to the child abuse case. When he was asked about the child and why he allowed the neglect and abuse, Mr. Hall told investigators, “He is not my responsibility. I’m not his father; I come from a rich and white family.”

According to sources, there were two other children living in the home who Brian Hall said were his and are well taken care of. The two other children have since been removed the home by DCF.

Brian Hall faced a judge and was granted a $5,000 bond.

Black Mother In Interracial Relationship Lets Her Black Child Starve


We have to ask ourselves why a black mother would allow her child to almost starve to death, while two other children in the same home are said to be perfectly fine. We don’t know if the other children are Brian Hall’s from another relationship or not.

It could be the case that the two other children are a product of the Hall’s interracial relationship and the young neglected 5-year-old is a fully black child from  Naomi Hall’s previous relationship with a black man. We are currently digging for more information.

It is obvious that Brian Hall had no emotional attachment to the neglected child in the case, probably because he is black and not his biological son.

This seems like a case of a black woman forgetting about and neglecting her own child to appease her new white man.

Black Mother In Interracial Relationship Lets Her Black Child Starve



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