Kendra Shanice Reid’s Lynching Ruled A Suicide, No Justice

Kendra Shanice Reid's Lynching Ruled A Suicide

Kendra Shanice Reid: 

Why Would A Young Black Woman, Close To Graduation, With Her Whole Life Ahead Of Her, Hang Herself In A Public Park? 

Kendra Shanice Reid’s Lynching Ruled A Suicide

April 28, 2017 — shortly after 9 a.m, Kendra Shanice Reid — a 20-year-old sophomore at Winston-Salem State University was found dead in Finch Park — Lexington, NC.

According to the Winston – Salem Journal, the sophomore from Lexington died from asphyxiation by hanging, according to her death certificate. “Reid’s body was found hanging in a wooded area of Finch Park shortly after 9 a.m. on April 28. The public park at 15 Paul Beck Road is just outside Lexington’s city limits.”

Larry James, the Davidson County medical examiner and director of emergency services, ruled Kendra  Reid’s death as a suicide. An undisclosed person found Reid’s body in the park in the early hours of April 28th and called 911, James said.

“Emergency medical personnel then came to the scene. No autopsy was performed, James said. Under state law, a medical examiner can forego an autopsy if the cause of death can be determined by an external examination.”

According To Lexington Police Chief Mark Sink, “There’s no indication of any foul play,” Sink said. “We are going to do a thorough and complete investigation.”

Kendra Shanice Reid
Kendra Shanice Reid’s Lynching Ruled A Suicide

What We Know:

  • Reid was a member of the WSSU Marching Band
  • Reid worked as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home
  • Reid’s funeral was held on May 9th at New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship Center in Lexington

Something is fishy with this case:

This case screams a cover up, especially with the medical examiner refusing to perform an autopsy. Mainstream media has been quiet as a mouse on this case, and articles (news sources) are scarce on the internet. Kendra Reid was probably lynched; North Carolina is home to many hate groups:

  • The Ku Klux Klan
  • Skin Heads
  • Neo – Confederates
  • Neo – Nazis

White supremacists protect their own, and with the FBI reporting that law enforcement has been infiltrated by hate groups, we can be sure that a lynching would be quickly swept under the rug.

Whenever a black person is found hanging somewhere, the death is quickly ruled a suicide. Back in 2014, a black teenager, Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a swing set in North Carolina. Lacy’s death was quickly ruled a suicide, but folks who followed the case know it was a lynching. Lacy was in a relationship with a 31-year-old white woman.

Kendra Shanice Reid
Kendra Shanice Reid

The investigation into Kendra Reid’s death just felt rushed. And it seems like investigators didn’t look into her life to find out clues on what she was going through before she died.

  • Who were her friends?
  • Was she dating someone?
  • Did her classmates like her?
  • Did Reid ever make any complaints or get into altercations with other students?
  • Did law enforcement look into her social media accounts, months back?
  • Why would Reid go to a public park and kill herself?
  • Was she drunk or on drugs?
  • Was there any camera footage as she made her journey?

Kendra’s Funeral Details

Kendra Shanice Reid's Lynching Ruled A Suicide
Kendra Shanice Reid’s Lynching Ruled A Suicide

There are so many questions that law enforcement seems to have looked over. According to statistics, blacks commit suicide at much lower rates than most races. And in general, most suicides are done with guns or poison. Reid was a certified nursing assistant and had access to drugs.

It seems like if Reid was suicidal, she would have taken some pills or maybe even cut her wrists somewhere private. But we are told to believe that she picked a public park hung herself. Reid had her whole like ahead of her, she was a sophomore and on the path of graduation soon.

We don’t have enough information and likely never will. There are so many questions about Kendra Shanice Reid and her death that we will never know the answers to. What we do know is that America has a long history of lynching black people and getting away with it.

Kendra Shanice Reid’s Lynching Ruled A Suicide



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