White People Are Killing Themselves At Alarming Rates In America

Usually, when we hear of people dying “before their time,” the cause is most likely due to diet, drugs, accidents or cancer to name a few. However, in a recent study by two Princeton University Economists, poorly educated unemployed middle-aged white Americans are dying off quicker due to despair.

(side eye) So let us break this down together. White Americans who didn’t finish school or go on to college are struggling in the job market. Those who fit into that category are likely to experience a “cumulative disadvantage” over time. Basically, the stress of not getting EVERYTHING that they want is killing them off.

white people, stress, suicide

Blacks have been experiencing stress, depression, unemployment for centuries, and keep it pushing.  The stress to endure great hardships is embedded into black DNA. But when white people get a little dose of black people’s reality, they cannot handle it and are likely to die off.

“This is a story of the collapse of the white working class,” said Sir Angus Deaton, who co-wrote the piece with Anne Case. “The labor market has very much turned against them,” he told The New York Times.

The Mortality Gap for White Americans, By Age
The Mortality Gap for White Americans, By Age

In 1999, the mortality rate for white Americans was 30 percent lower than blacks, now, according to this study, whites with a high school diploma or less are experiencing mortality rates that are about 30 percent higher than blacks.

“It’s not just their careers that have gone down the tubes, but their marriage prospects, their ability to raise children,” Deaton told The New York Times. “That’s the kind of thing that can lead people to despair.”

White Americans in this demographic showed out at the polls last year and voted for Donald Trump as their next president. They looked at him as the savior; someone who will make their lives better and bring them out of despair…. And has he?

white people, stress, suicide

Deaton noted in his interview with The New York Times that within this short amount of time that Trump has been in office, his supporters are bamboozled with the fact that everything Trump supports and is fighting for ( Republican health care legislation, ) is effecting them negatively.

“The policies that you see seem almost perfectly designed to hurt the very people who voted for him,” shared Deaton. Middle-aged white Americans are drinking more, increasing intakes of opioids, and committing suicide at higher rates. In fact, suicide rates for white men are at its highest level in almost 30 years according to studies by the Center for Disease Control. A lot them are getting sick from diseases as well and are not getting better. This trend is especially concentrated in the southern states from West Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, to Arkansas. The white community is also experiencing a heroin overdose epidemic but the American media is largely ignoring the problem.

White Americans have been envious, initiating hate, and destroying blacks for centuries. America was founded on racism and genocide. Things like discrimination, social and economic inequalities are everyday problems for people of color; but you don’t see an epidemic of “death of despair” from stress in the black community. Death of the privilege will take years to reverse according to the study. At this point, we will have to wait and see how this continues to pan out.


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