White Police Officer Brutally Beats Black Man For Jaywalking, Sacramento Ca

Black Man Beat For Jaywalking

Monday April 10th 2017, Nandi Cain Jr. had just gotten off work and was headed home to his apartment in Sacramento, California when he noticed a white police officer stalking him from behind. Cain noticed that the officer had his hand on his gun which caused alarm, obviously he feared getting shot. According to the Washington Post, “Cain put his hands up as the officer approached, but continued to walk away slowly. He asked the police officer the reason for the stop, then protested when he heard it.” The officer told Cain:

“You were jaywalking,” the officer said on the dash-cam video released by the police department this week. And Cain replied, “I looked both ways, you’re harassing me. I just got off work. You’re trying to pull me over for nothing.” The officer told Cain to stop or be taken to the ground by force. With the police officer’s hand still on his weapon, Cain felt like his life was in danger. “So, what, you holding on to your gun?” Cain asked. “You a big man because you got a gun? You going to hold onto your gun?”

What happens next is startling. The officer leaps forward and grabbed onto Cain, brutally slamming him to the pavement. The Sacramento Police Officer then straddled Cain and brutally punched him repeatedly on his face and torso. Other officers quickly arrived to the scene and helped subdue and handcuff Cain.

The entire incident was caught on video and the Sacramento Police Department has released a statement calling the officers actions out of line. “ In their statement, Sacramento police officials said they have reviewed the video and “determined the officer’s actions appeared to be outside of policy. The actions of the involved Sacramento Police Officer are disturbing and does not appear to be reasonable based upon the circumstances,” the statement said, which is available on the SACPD website.

In an interview with KCRA, Cain mentioned that he was terrified for his life. “I thought I was going to be like the next Trayvon Martin,” he said. “I thought, as soon as they got me on the ground and they start putting my arms in different positions. I felt like they were going to draw a gun out and shoot me in my back or try to break my arms off or something.” … I think the best way I fought for my life was just silence … Just (be) silent. Don’t say nothing. Don’t move. Don’t do nothing. Don’t give them a reason. Because that’s what they wanted, a reason for me to pop off and get the reaction that they wanted out of me.”

This case is a clear example of racial profiling and racism. The white police officers made up a reason to harass and attack this black man. Surprising, Cain wasn’t shot dead like Mike Brown was for similar “reasons.” 289 people have been shot and killed by police this year (2017), according to The Washington Post’s Fatal Force database. Of those, 25 percent were black. Please be careful out here black people. Remember that law enforcement has been infiltrated by white supremacists and they only want you dead.

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