White Supremacist Executes Black Man With A 26 Inch Sword

March 20th 2017, Timothy Caughman, a homeless black man was stabbed to death by white supremacist, James Harris Jackson with a 26-inch long sword. The 28-year-old Baltimore, Maryland resident took a bus to New York on March 17 with the specific intent of murdering black men, according to NYPD Assistant Chief, Bill Aubry. Jackson is being charged with second-degree murder. The NYPD hopes to tack on a hate crime or racially motivated crime to upgrade the second-degree murder charge to first-degree murder.

Update: The hate crime charge has been added on, which should increase prison time if convicted.

Timothy Caughman
Timothy Caughman

Jackson had been harboring hatred towards black men for many years. It was reported that interracial relationships really made him upset (black men and white women). He chose to kill in New York because it has many news and media outlets. In other words, he wanted to put white supremacy on full display for the world to see (possibly inspire others). Jackson randomly picked out Caughman to kill, while walking down Ninth Avenue near 36th Street, close to the victim’s home. Caughman was going through a garbage can on a sidewalk when Jackson approached him from behind and stabbed him multiple times in his back. Confused and bleeding to death, Caughman somehow managed to walk to the Midtown South Precinct in critical condition, but it was too late. Timothy Caughman died of his injuries at Bellevue Hospital. Jackson was caught on video fleeing the scene after the racially motivated attack. He later turned himself into the police after watching himself (surveillance video) on local news.

White men have been launching racially motivated terrorist attacks against blacks for centuries. America was founded on racism and genocide; Africans were brought into this country as property and were treated lower than trash. Slaves were raped and killed by their masters all the time, and torture was common place as well. After slavery, there were mass lynchings of black people by the Ku Klux Klan, the destruction of wealthy black towns, race riots, jim crow, segregation and more. In contemporary times, police brutality is rampant and disproportionate against blacks. Unarmed black men are murdered every week in America by the police. And many of those police shootings are racially motivated. The FBI has already stated that there was a massive infiltration of law enforcement by white supremacists. The actions of people like Timothy Caughman and even Dylan Roof shouldn’t surprise any black person. Racism is probably the most common (unacknowledged) mental illness in the United States.

Weapon Used To Kill Caughman
Weapon Used To Kill Caughman

There isn’t really much that can be done to prevent things like this from happening. Mass killings and racially motivated attacks can happened anywhere at any time. The best one could do is always pay attention to their surroundings, always know where an exit is located and get armed legally (Carry Concealed if possible). With Donald Trump as president, white supremacists or “alt-right” as they call themselves these days, feel invigorated after eight years of Black Obama. There seems to have been a surge in hate crimes in America and no one really cares so long as its black people getting picked off. The mainstream media is quick to say that Isis or some middle eastern group is the biggest threat against America. The truth is that blacks, especially black men are more likely to get killed by a white supremacist than any middle eastern terrorist.



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