Scary! Young Black Girl Almost Abducted & Raped in Spring, Texas


On the Afternoon of Monday March 27, 2017, in Spring Texas, a tragedy was narrowly avoided. According to an interview by ABC 13 Eye Witness News, 13-year-old Malasia was at her mail box around 5 p.m in evening, when a dark colored Honda with tinted windows drove towards her.

There were two men in the vehicle. One of the men asked Malasia if she knew where someone lived, but she ignored him and turned in another direction. At that moment, one of the men grabbed Malasia and threw her in the back of the car.

Malasia’s mother, Adegite, had noticed that her daughter was talking too long to get back; so she called some of her friends and tired her cell phone. No luck. After a few minutes, Malasia called her mother from a shell gas station not too far from their home. In a hysterical state she said, “momma they took me. They took me.” Adegite immediately went to go pick up her daughter.

Malsaia told her mother what happened after she was taken, “the ordeal was a terrifying 15 minutes. She said after she was thrown into the car, the passenger grabbed her and ripped the shirt she was wearing underneath her jacket. She said they didn’t talk to her while she was in the car. When the car stopped in a neighborhood, she got out and ran for what felt like 10 minutes.” Malsaia said that the men kept grabbing on her inside the vehicle, which sounds like they were attempting to rape her.

It is a miracle that she was able to get away. This young black girl could have been another missing female, a face on some poster or police website. In light of the issues going on in Washington D.C right now (Missing D.C Girls) and the fact that young black boys are being gunned down by police left and right; black parents need to take precautions to protect black children. Always know where your children are, what they are doing, and who their friends are. Have protocols in place for dealing with strangers. Keep your children in after school programs, with family, off the streets.


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