Racist Police Officer Kicks Handcuffed Black Man In The Head

Police Officer Stomps Black Man

This incident happened in Columbus, Ohio. The police officer has been identified as Zachary Rosen. The defenseless, already subdued black man is Demarco Anderson.

According to Raw Story, “officials in Ohio have recommended a 1-day suspension for Columbus police officer Zachary Rosen after he was caught on video kicking a man in the head.

Rosen was reassigned to non-patrol duty pending the outcome of an investigation.

On Wednesday, the Columbus Police Department revealed that Chief of Police Kim Jacobs had recommended a 24-hour suspension for Rosen.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther noted in a statement on Wednesday that the Director of Public Safety will have the final say about whether to uphold the suspension, fire Rosen or choose another outcome.

Police Officer Stomps Black Man

While the Chief of Police has made a recommendation for discipline in the use of force case involving Officer Rosen, the Director of Public Safety will make the final decision under the current FOP contract,” Ginther said. “I have every expectation the Public Safety Director will discipline Officer Rosen in a manner that holds him accountable for his actions, and I expect the final decision to be made as quickly as possible.”

As you can see in the video, officers have Anderson completely handcuffed and controlled. Anderson gives verbal replies saying, “I am, sir,” as he lays face down on the ground. Out of nowhere, Rosen charges in and kicks Anderson in the head for no reason whatsoever.

This is the police brutality and racism that blacks experience every day in America. White officers are never in the wrong though, not even when they kill unarmed non-threatening black people.

Police Officer Stomps Black Man


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Police Officer Stomps Black Man

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