5 Crazy Reasons Why Blacks Date White People

Interracial Kiss

According to the Brookings Institution, interracial relationships are up almost 10 percent since 1960 in the United States. One might think that interracial relationships are on the rise because of increased diversity, social barriers breaking down and that might be true. One might also think that love plays a part in all interracial relationships, but that is not true. For some blacks, dating outside their race was never about falling in love. Dating outside the race for many blacks is a reaction to self-hate and an attempt to escape their own blackness. Here is a list of 5 crazy reasons why blacks date white people.

1. Self Hate…

depressed black man

Self hate within the black community is pretty common. Whites have engineered a system (white supremacy) which maximizes self hate, dysfunction and mistrust amongst blacks globally. One of the psychological by-products of white supremacy on African Diaspora is an irrational adoration towards whites. There are blacks that believe whites are superior in every way, from appearance to intelligence. This engineered self hate influences many black individuals to find white/non-black partners because they believe that lighter skin is the ultimate trophy. For a person who suffers from self hate, dating another black person would be a constant reminder of how much they hate their own skin. We see this trend largely with black men, they say things like, “I don’t date black women, they aren’t attractive to me.” Black people who express their non-attraction to black skin are really expressing their own internal struggle. To lack attraction to an entire race of women because of their skin color, your skin color, is a clear sign of mental illness.

2. White Women/men are easier to deal with…

white women are easier to deal with

It is a common and unfounded belief among black men that white women are easier to deal with. And among black women, many believe that white men will make better fathers and create less stress. It is mind-boggling that any black person would think this way, especially looking at history. Whites have literally conquered the planet through war, genocide, rape and other atrocities. The European slave trade, which lasted centuries, destroyed the lives of millions of blacks globally. Jim Crow Laws and segregation were put in place because whites wanted nothing to do with blacks. The entire feminist movement was (on the surface) advocating for white men to stop oppressing white women. According to Kids Count Data Center, 25% of white children live in a single parent home. All of these things should tell you that its not all rainbows and sunshine within the white community like they try to make us believe. Everyone has problems.

3. Black people don’t support each other…

blacks fighting

Collectively, whites have done nothing but suppress, oppress and marginalize blacks for the last 400 years, give or take. (Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Redlining, Lynching, Eugenics, Racism, the list goes on) It is irrational to believe that blacks don’t support each other because your small circle didn’t support you. If you have a white partner that supports you, your dreams and whatever else, thats great! But please don’t perpetuate the stereotype that blacks don’t uplift and help one another because of your bad experiences. The civil rights movement was about black unity. The black panthers were about black unity. Our ancestors would have never gotten through slavery without black unity.

4. Whites make more money…

rich white man

Whites make more money because they own more businesses, practice racism, nepotism and have easier access to business loans. Slavery was one of the main sources of building white wealth. Remember that black slaves built America’s wealth through the cotton trade. African slaves gave Europeans free labor for over 300 years, generating trillions of dollars in wealth for whites. All of those trillions of dollars didn’t go anywhere and this is why the wealth gap between blacks and whites is so high, globally. It is a shame that many blacks would prefer to date/marry whites simply for money. The wealth gap is the primary reason for all of the dysfunction, crime and chaos within the black community. While advocating for reparations should be the number one goal for blacks, white supremacy would never allow it. In order to make any progress as a people, blacks must build wealth by practicing group economics, nepotism and creating black businesses. And blacks that believe dating/marrying whites will gain them riches and wealth are in for a rude awakening. If your white partner decides to leave you, what will prevent you from being a broke Negro all over again?

5. Mixed babies…

mixed kids

Believe it or not, having mixed children is sometimes the sole reason why blacks get with white people. The reason why so many blacks are obsessed with mixed children are included but not limited to the following stupid beliefs:

1. Mixed kids have better hair.

2. Lighter skin looks better in pictures.

3. Mixed kids are closer to white and therefore better.

4. They will have an easier life than a “regular” black child.

5. Darkener children are harder to deal with.

Whatever the reason may be, blacks who are obsessed with mixed kids suffer from self-hate. It is pretty natural for an individual, regardless of race to want their children to look like them. Wanting your children to look the total opposite of you most likely means that you hate who you are.

This article was not meant bash white people, or people who are in interracial relationships. The goal of this post was to expose the self hatred that is common within the black community. They say that the first step to recovery is to acknowledge that there is a problem, that we need to heal. Individuals that suffer from self hate can heal, they can overcome the psychological damage from white supremacy. But first, we must acknowledge that there is a problem. We must raise our children to love themselves, so the next generation of blacks can make rational decisions. Seeking relationships based on skin color is a mental illness.

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