White Woman Tells Black Family To Get Out Of Her Country & Threatens Death

white woman attacks family

One of the things that white people have obtained from enforcing racism, white supremacy across the globe is a strong sense of entitlement. Through centuries of genocide, rape, African enslavement, deception and imperialism; many whites are in positions where they don’t have to have to work for anything, their ancestors have provided them with generational wealth. The entitlement comes from always getting what they want, possessing and or obtaining things that the average black person either could never get or would have to work very hard to get. There are many whites, especially those who label themselves as “alt-right,” “white nationalist,” “white supremacist,” that legitimately believe they own the planet and all other “races” should be wiped out.

To rationalize such radical beliefs, whites have used things like religion, eugenics, manifest destiny, and the argument that white people are in danger of extinction (they want to persevere their race, culture, genetics, etc). When you combine the entitlement that many white people have (white privilege ) with the fact that blacks and other non whites have been dehumanized for the last few centuries; a nasty situation comes where whites enact racially motivated attacks, lynchings, assassinations on non whites and actually believe there are doing good on behalf of their race. Not all white people possess such radical beliefs and ideas pertaining to race, but for individuals that do, such behaviors like the ones of the woman woman in the video below, are typical.

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