White Man Explains White Racism & Penis Envy (Video)

White Man Explains White Racism & Penis Envy

 When you look at the history of white racism, Jim Crow, lynchings, segregation: the underlining reason behind all of that was to keep the black penis out of the white vagina.  

The core reasoning behind white racism has always been envy:

  • Blacks are more athletic
  • White women love black penis
  • Blacks are the majority on the planet
  • Black countries are always plentiful of valuable natural resources
  • Blacks are the original human beings on earth.

The ultimate fear of many white supremacists has always been black men and white women engaging in intercourse. The fastest way to shatter a white supremacist ego is to tell him that his woman has been with a black man before.  Interracial dating used to be illegal in America and marriage could get you locked up or killed. Laws like the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 were designed to prevent racial intermixing. And blacks creating offsprings with whites, ties into the fear of white genetic annihilation that doctor Frances Cress Welsing spoke of often. Police murdering black men, hate crimes, lynchings, black genocide, black male genital castration are all tied to penis envy and white genetic annihilation.

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